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F. M. Ferrari Investments targets well-located, undervalued assets and seeks to enhance performance through capital improvements, efficient cost controls, and property management. Its value-add strategy seeks to acquire existing properties that demonstrate the proposition for value creation.  

The firm concentrates on acquiring multifamily assets that offer good value to tenants which is why over the years FMF has been able to maintain a 95%-100% occupancy rate in their buildings. This has provided steady and consistent returns on invested capital.   

FMF's investment strategies are designed to mitigate risk and maximize value for its investors. Through the firm's extensive network and deep local relationship with brokers and lenders, FMF identifies opportunities with potential to capitalize on market inefficiencies or underserved niches in an effort to generate superior risk-adjusted returns. The investment approach capitalizes on broad experience of the investment professionals at the firm and leverages these to drive efficiencies through the life cycle of all investments.

FMF's investor base consists of high-net-worth individuals, friends, and family. The firm is looking to expand its capital base into corporate and public pension funds, sovereign wealth funds, university endowments, foundations, insurance companies, and fund of funds.

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